Infertility in Men – Diagnosis and Treatment Options

While there are variable causes of infertility in women, men also experience infertility problems which can be accounted for by the quality and quantity of the sperm they produce. The availability of supplements helps in increasing chances of pregnancy by improving male fertility.

Fertilsan M

Fertilsan M is a supplement that develops overall activity of sperm by improving count, motility, and volume. It contains carnitine and arginine which are both good for sperm quality and performance, and zinc and folic acid that are responsible for fertility. Likewise, Fertile M Pro has the same composition but in lesser amounts compared to those in Fertilsan M. Carnipure is the product that has significant amounts of carnitine, the amino acid responsible for male fertility. Another product, though not as effective as the others, is Orthomol fertile plus, which has EPA and DHA, and omega-3 or linolenic fatty acid for overall good health. Vitamin C supplement is also helpful in enhancing fertility by decreasing sperm clumping, while Zinc supplement works by keeping sperm quality and count, as well as maintaining a healthy level of testosterone.  (Also see:  Getting Pregnant with Low Sperm Count  )  Arginine, though produced in the body, is also available in supplement form. This amino acid maintains a healthy sperm, and also sustains proper vasculature to penis and contribute to erection. Nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin E, among others, are essential in improving sperm quantity.

ginkgo biloba

Herbal alternatives are also available and studies are being done to back up their valuable effect on male potency and male reproductive health, in general. Some of them are ginkgo biloba, nutmeg, panax ginseng, rhodiola rosea, tribulus fruit, horny goat weed, elk antler velvet, saw palmetto berry, and muira puama. While these are known by others to improve fertility without side effects, it may be helpful to check with an herbalist for a suitable herb and dose depending on your fertility condition. Sperm formation also takes months, so using these herbal supplements may take effect in the duration of sperm formation

These supplements may help in improving male fertility, but it will surely work best when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.


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