Onesies For Toddlers


I don’t know about you, but it seems strange to me that all of a sudden, onesies become unavailable after 18 months (24 months if you’re lucky).  It’s not as if suddenly shirts don’t bunch up when you pick up your toddler, or it’s suddenly uncool to have snaps at their crotch, or toddlers are suddenly toilet-trained at 18 months (kudos to those of you who are able to accomplish this!).  And how practical are they when paired with adorable overalls?  I am a big fan of onesies and was disappointed when they became hard to find in larger sizes – until I came across Essential Whites (aka TodBods)!

These onesies start at size 2T and run all the way up until 6T.  They are, as the company name implies, purely white – basic, yet easy to match with any outfit.  There is a great amount of detail on the quality of the construction, cotton, dying process and strength of the snaps.  I can attest that through several washings, the onesies still look and feel like new.  I did follow the instructions and have never put them in the dryer out of fear of shrinkage; you can always go for a larger size if you plan on putting them in the dryer.

Essential Whites offers a selection of long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless bodysuits.  Each kind can come with either a lap (my preference – less fuss as you pull it over baby’s head) or round collar.  Pricing is very competitive given the quality of these garments – each starts at $8USD (sleeveless or short-sleeve) or $9USD (long-sleeve), and increases in price with size.  Essential Whites also offers buy-3-get-1-free which is what I opted for.  I did contact customer service to check on my order, because it took almost three weeks to arrive from the USA.  Their response was quick and friendly – impressive!

These onesies are great for those who like the concept.   An added bonus: now that my toddler has started to figure out how to undo his diaper (which doesn’t happen too often, because I had enough foresight to buy most of my cloth diapers with snaps), wearing a onesie makes this impossible (well, for now, until he gets really smart).  So kudos to Essential Whites for filling a need in the baby garment industry!

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