Carry Your Infant Car Seat with Your Angel Arm

angelarmOne of the drawbacks of buying the safest, fanciest infant car seat thatyou can find for your brand new bundle of joy is that it likely isn’t going to be the lightest one you can find. Personally, I was willing to sacrifice the ease and convenience of toting around a light infant car seat for the peace of mind of protecting the health and safety of my newborn son withy a fancier, heavier one. Thankfully, this time around, I have some relief coming my way in the form of the Angel Arm by Baby Henry Co.

When I got the infant car seat out of storage, the impending birth of my second child looming, hoisting it out of the closet reminded me of how awkward and heavy it was to carry around. And with a growing baby in it, it only got heaver and heavier as time went on. Because we were lucky enough to have a stroller travel system where the infant car seat could be installed directly onto the stroller frame, this meant that everywhere we went, we would detach the infant car seat from the car, and attach it to the stroller, and off we’d go!

Of course, we didn’t always have the stroller frame with us, which meant that we had to carry the infant car seat around. And by carry, I mean lug. And by we, I mean my husband. That sucker just got to heavy for me to carry comfortably as my son got older.

This time, as I browsed vendors at a Baby and Toddler tradeshow last fall, it was like the angels were singing to me, church bells ringing, and a light from the sky lit up on the Baby Henry Co. Makers of the Angel Arm, a fantastic and simple device designed to help mom’s like me whose upper body strength (apparently) leaves much to be desired.

The shoulder strap construction of the Angel Arm is designed to take the weight of your infant car seat and redistribute it across your body, making it easier to carry and removing the stress and strain from the baby-toting process. I can recall all the bruising I endured on my forearms from carrying my son in his infant car seat on the crook of my arm, but no more. With the Angel Arm I just place the padded strap over my shoulder and across my body, looping the rest of the strap through the handle of the infant car seat and voila! The heavy infant car seat becomes instantly easier to carry around. This summer, carrying my new baby around in the infant car seat will be a pleasure. No more tortured arms for me!

The Angel Arm can be purchased online for $29.99 CDN and makes a great gift for new parents.

Baby Henry Co. is offering a discount on the Angel Arm for our Spilt Milk Moms readers.

To receive the discount, send an email to with the  promo code SMM0411 and a note telling Baby Henry Co. why carrying your infant carseat is killing you, include your mailing address and Baby Henry Co. will send you the Angel Arm at $10 off . That’s a little bit of heavenly relief for just $19.99! (Orders will be billed through PayPal so include your PayPal email address in your email.)

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