Little Chipipi Makes Moves Chirpier

little-chipipiLate last year we had to sell our lovely house and because we’re not entirely sure what’s next for us, move into a rented condo. I had spent months planning and finalizing all of the decor elements of Little Miss’ room and I was heartbroken to leave the perfect little nursery I created behind. We knew we couldn’t decorate the rented place but I wanted to make Little Miss’ new room a fun, playful space. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to discover that my saving grace came to us from our favourite kids retailer, Raspberry Kids.

Sue from Raspberry Kids kindly gave me a set of Little Chipipi movables in Red Robin to try out. There is so much to love about this line – the sets come with such a variety of sizes (there’s 42 stickers!) and the Red Robin set has plenty of flowers, dragonflies, hearts and (of course) birds to decorate with. As Little Miss is a bit older now I let her pick a few moveables to decorate the front of her dresser with (well the first two drawers of her dresser anyway!) and I continued to decorate the (bare and beige) walls. Instantly the room was transformed from a bleak room to an inviting and cheery space – which I know won’t cost us a fortune in unreturned damage deposit when we finally figure out where we’re going.

Little Chipipi Movables come in several different themes including Animal Alphabet, Outer Space, Fairy Dance and Ships Ahoy(which I am SO buying if I ever have a little boy!) And you’re in luck because right now Raspberry Kids has Outer Space, Flower Power, Red Robin & Drive Time on sale right now for between $37.99 – 55.99 (regular retail price is $52.99 – 79.99). A fantastic price for this fantastic product – but be warned there are limited quantities so act quickly. I can’t recommend these wall decals enough!

All about: Emily:
Emily is very proud to be one of the Spilt Milk Moms ‘founding mothers’ as well as being Mama to “Little Miss” (who was born in August 2009) and Wifelet to her Husbando. She spent seven years living in London which helped her to develop a keen eye for amazing products from around the world. As an actress and producer, Emily ensured her place in hell with over 3 years in children’s advertising (her job was “to create want where there is no need!”) but looks to undo the damage by finding the best things around for mamas and little ones. Emily is always ready with fresh baking, a silly song, or a glass of chardonnay and is renowned for always being overdressed and having a killer collection of heels that she’s not afraid to wear (even whilst babywearing!). You can also find her on her personal blog Aprons & Heels ~ emily (at) SpiltMilkMoms (dot) com

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