Sum Bodies: Great Fun At Bath Time!

sumbodies-together2Bath time started to get a little dull around here.  Rubber duckie – check.  Stacking cups – check.  Tantrum when washing hair and no other toy would provide sufficient distraction – check.  This was until I came across a really cool product reviewed at another blog site, Milliwik’scollection of floating playing cards.  I managed to find them at half price on this site and went for the Sum Bodies pack – and they were a hit!

The concept is so simple, and appeals to kids and adults alike – playing cards that float in the water and also stick to the bath walls!  Ingenious!  (in fact, the idea came about to the inventors when they decided they wanted to continue their card games in their hot tub with their friends).  In one package you get a nice stack of cards, equally divided among heads, bodies and legs.  My son at 17 months old does not partake in the actual card game but rather simply enjoys handling the cards and sticking them on the wall.  But this can become a real game, for 2-4 players, aged 2-11 years of age (or older, in my opinion).  Each card has a point value so your kids can also hone their math skills while playing the actual game.

The cards have a nice soft texture and the illustrations are very mod and hip.  They come in a mesh net bag which makes drying a cinch.  My only issue was that when the cards arrived they had a distinct chemical odour, but that quickly disappeared after rinsing them and after the first bath.  According to their site, all products undergo safety testing and they post the results of the tests for all to read.

All of their games can be purchased directly from Milliwik’s website for $10.95USD, and they have a list of retailers and distributors onthis page.  They can be ordered from Amazon US for $9.99-$14.99USD (including the also-cool Splashimals set which I am coveting!).

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