Worth Singing (and Crawling) in the Rain!

Baby-Polar-GearAs much as I love spring, these days a little voice in my head keeps singing, “Rain, rain, go away!”  If you live on the west coast, the only thing you can really do is just get outside with your family and do your best to stay dry, so I was thrilled when US company Baby Polar Gear agreed to send us their rain gear for infants to put to the test!  When the Rain Poncho and Pants set arrived, we decided to REALLY see what it could do by sending the Poncho and Pants up to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, for our guest contributor Diana to try out.  For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian geography, Prince Rupert has earned the reputation of Canada’s wettest city, with an average of 3111mm of rain (that’s ten feet!) per year.  What better place to test rain gear for infants/toddlers?  Here’s what Diana had to say!

I was excited when I was asked if I would test the Rain Poncho and Pants from Baby Polar Gear.  The Rain Poncho and Pants are made in the USA from highly technical, extreme weather guard fabric Polartec Power Shield.  The company claims that you will be amazed at the water shedding properties of the fabric, so of course I was intrigued because I live in the wettest city in Canada, not counting the snow and wind (we can get wind gusts up to 100 km per hour ).  With a one year old son (pictured above) and a rambunctious dog, I am always outside, rain or shine (sadly, more rain than shine).  We own a fabulous Bugaboo Frog, and with its great rain cover we are outside for at least two walks a day, but there are times and places when a stroller just won’t do, so we rely on our back or front carrier, leaving my poor little guy to brave the elements.  This is where the Rain Poncho and Pants by Baby Polar Gear comes in extremely handy!

I really like the fact that the Rain Poncho is one piece.  There are no buttons, seams or openings for rain or wind to get in, and I can pull the easy-to-use toggle snug up against his face, protecting his ears while still allowing him full movement of his face and head.  He still has access to his hands, which is a must for a busy toddler.  The Rain Pants fit large, which I like, and as he is not yet walking, I like to pull them over his feet and cinch them shut, keeping the rain out and the warmth in. I also like the fact that the Poncho is long enough to drape over our metal frame backpack, allowing the rain water to run off and not onto my son.  He still fits into a front carrier (despite what my back thinks) and the Poncho allows the rain to run down and off the Poncho when being carried in the front as well, keeping him dry and warm.

This Rain Poncho and Pants is perfect for layering. I tested out the 18 month size, and at a year old my son is 22 pounds and 30 inches long, so there is plenty of room to grow.  What I did not expect was that he would be dry and warm crawling around in it.  At almost a year, my son has zero interest in walking, but he is lightening fast at crawling and often does not want to be held.  He gets very frustrated when we are outside and he doesn’t understand why I can’t put him down on the soggy moss that those of living in a rainforest call a lawn.  So today, with him clad in his Poncho and Pants, I decided to put the suit to the ultimate test.  He happily crawled around our yard in the rain checking everything out, and even sat and watched the birds eat out of the feeder for a few minutes.  When I took him inside and removed the suit, he was dry and warm underneath!  Now that was one happy baby (and Mama)!

The Rain Poncho and Pants are easy to clean, too. I used a tad of liquid laundry soap on a cold cycle.  Because of the ability of Polartec to repel water, the suit was practically dry when I removed it from the washer and definitely did not need any time in the dryer.  Lightweight and not bulky, the Poncho and Pants fit nicely into my diaper bag or into the basket of the stroller, just in case.  I even put it in my purse the other day.  I would definitely recommend Baby Polar Gear’s Rain Poncho and Pants to other parents, though at $34.95 USD for each piece (comes in black only – it would be nice to see other, brighter and more visible colours available in the future), the set is a tad pricey but well worth it, especially if you live an area that gets a lot of rain or wind.

Aside from the company’s Rain Poncho and Pants set with its impressive water shedding ability, Baby Polar Gear has a wide range of products available for outdoorsy families, from car seat covers, bunting bags, hats, mittens, and blankets to jackets, pants, booties, and towels!  To find out more about this great Portland, Oregon company, check out their Facebook page or follow Baby Polar Gear onTwitter.

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