Get Perplexed!

My son Quinn recently turned seven.  When my husband and I made the pilgrimage to our favourite toy store, I was determined to find Quinn a toy that would challenge him, did not require batteries, and would would be fun to play with alone or with others.  The first toy we saw when we talked into the toy store was Perplexus (some may call it destiny – I prefer to think of it as clever retail display tactics).  As I picked up the box to try to figure out what it was, the shop owner explained that it was voted one of Parents magazine Top Toys of 2010, and they had been having trouble keeping it on the shelves.  I was intrigued.

While my husband wandered around the store looking for the perfect gift, I was busy being perplexed.  Perplexus is a maze ball made of durable plastic (it has survived numerous drops in our house) in which you maneuver a small marble around the maze inside the ball.  You can shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble, but if it falls off the track, you have to go back to the very beginning.  With three levels of difficulty and 100 barriers, Perplexus challenges your hand-eye coordination, your steadiness, and your nerves (sounds like fun, doesn’t it?).

Since I had trouble putting Perplexus down, I figured we better buy it for Quinn.  The great thing about Perplexus is that it truly is fun for all ages.  My seven year old, my eight year old, and my husband and I all find it fun and challenging, while my three year old likes to “do the maze” as well, and my one year old loves to roll the ball along the floor and listen to the marble rattle around.  But Parents magazine be darned, I knew we had chosen a great gift when out of all of his birthday gifts, Quinn chose his Perplexus to take to show and tell at school!

Perplexus is available at these retailers for $24.95 CAD.

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