Leading Brands’ SUPER Juices!

720px-Orange_juice_1Juice is a treat for my kids, and when I do let them indulge I give them Leading Brands’ babyblue line of juices, which are made especially with children in mind.  Charlotte and Oliver love the yummy taste of babyblue juices, and I rest assured knowing that their ‘treat’ is a healthy one.

babyblue juice is made by the same Canadian company that produces TrueBlue juices, which may be familiar to those of you living inWestern Canada and in the Statesbabyblue juices come in blueberry (our favourite), blackberry, or raspberry flavours, and what I love most about them is the list of (or lack thereof) ingredients.  For example, the babyblue blueberry juice contains: water, concentrated grape juice, concentrated wild blueberry juice, concentrated black current juice, concentrated cranberry juice, natural flavours, and asorbic acid (Vitamin C).  A nice short list of things I can pronounce, but also an obvious lack of added sugar.  I like the subtle taste ofbabyblue juices because they aren’t sweet, yet they taste refreshing and pure.  Additionally, while most other juices and blends on the market are comprised of ‘filler’ juices like apple or pear (which are high in carbohydrates and sodium), babyblue juices include only Superfruits high in Polyphenols (naturally occurring antioxidants) like blueberries and black currents.

For adults and older kids, Leading Brands has a varied line of Poyphenol rich juices available as well, all of which have truly full-bodied, rich, natural flavours.  The TrueBlue line of blended blueberry juices are available in seven wild blueberry and Superfruit options including Wild Blueberry, Wild Blueberry and Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry and Acai, Wild Blueberry and Cranberry, Wild Blueberry and Blackberry, Wild Blueberry and Raspberry, and Lite Wild Blueberry.  Just out is the new TrueBlue 100% Juice Blend line, in Wild Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Blackberry flavours.  Finally, Leading Brands Pure Blends line, which includesPureBlack, PureBlue, PureRed, and PureWhite, are concocted out of varietal wine grapes mixed with Superfruits for a unique taste and high antioxidant value (without the alcohol content!) – they also contain two servings of fruit per bottle.

All of Leading Brands’ juices are 100% natural, made with premium ingredients, and do not contain added sugar, artificial colours, flavours, or ‘filler’ juices.  High in antioxidants, just one serving of these juices will also fill your daily Vitamin C quota (which has been great during cold and flu season).  Because it isn’t summer yet, I haven’t tried out my theory that any of these juice lines would make great popsicles.  The company’s website provides some creative recipe ideas for all kinds of salad dressings and vinaigrettes, main courses, deserts, and drinks (cocktails, smoothies, shakes, and punches).  I really like adding a little sparkling water to my juice for a refreshing drink.  Summer – here we come!

Leading Brands’ line of juices can be purchased at grocery stores across Western Canada and the States.  Thank you to Leading Brandsfor providing me with samples in order to write this review.  For Vancouver residents interested in trying out the kid-friendly babybluejuice line, we’d like to thank Leading Brands for the following special coupon offer (see terms and conditions below):

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