Be an EcoSuperHero with the EcoStapler!

I try to do my part in this world to reduce the amount of waste my family creates.  Over the last few years, this has included asking retail staff not to staple my receipts together (or print one at all).  Staples are great at holding paper together, but what a hassle when it comes to pulling them off paper before recycling.  In the big scheme of things, however, it wasn’t until I received a fabulous EcoStapler from my friend Lara last Christmas that I realized just how wasteful staples really are (and that doing my recycling properly was actually the least of my worries when it comes to these little steel fasteners).  For example, did you know that if every office worker used one less staple per day, we’d conserve more than 120,000 tonnes of steel per year?  The EcoStapler website really puts the environmental impact of staple use into perspective:

When you look at a single staple, it doesn’t look like much. However, when you consider that more than a billion tons of steel are used every year to make staples, then that one staple appears to be more than it is. As well, in order to make all those staples, raw-materials need to be mined and drawn from the Earth, refined, and then shipped to a factory in order to be manufactured into paper staples.

Each step in the manufacturing chain causes damage to the environment. Whether it’s taking natural resources from the Earth, or greenhouse gases caused by transportation, that one little staple becomes an unfriendly and pricy enemy of the environment. And remember, billions of tons of metal are used each year in order to make staples.

So how exactly does the EcoStapler work?  First of all, you should know that it can only staple a maximum of five pages together, so if you’re looking for a Eco-friendly solution for those bigger jobs, this isn’t it.  However, if every retailer in North America alone used this clever little device for receipts and office workers put it to use when they could, imagine the positive impact it would make on our environment!  Logistically, the EcoStapler works by using the paper itself to fasten it together.  How it works is actually really unique – as you push theEcoStapler down, it punches through the paper like a hole punch and then weaves the excess paper back up through the pages (pictured below).  It’s hard to describe, but the way in which it ties and binds the paper together really is ingenious and virtually indestructible!


If you want to be an Eco superhero like me, you can order your own EcoStapler by purchasing the two pack through the company’s website for only $14.99 (CAD or USD).  I think the EcoStapler makes a great gift for Eco-conscious friends and family (thanks Lara!), so keep it in mind for that next special occasion.

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