Mudpuppy Is Top Dog (Giveaway & Promo Code)

I carry a little notebook with me in my purse so I can write down any fun and cool things I come across in my travels so I can share them with you. The other day I sat down to go through them and to my surprise several of the items kept coming back to the same companyGalison Mudpuppy.

I’m going to review both arms of the company but today we’re starting with Mudpuppy. Here’s the first thing you should know – if you have a kid in your life you NEED to know about Mudpuppy. What do they do? Well a better question would be what DON’T they do – they have a whole whack of fantastic kids products from sticker books, to puzzles, to flip & draws, to flashcards. All of the items I’ve seen (in stores, at friends’ houses and with the items they kindly sent me) have been fantastic quality.

Mudpuppy sent me the Painter’s Pallet Wooden Magnetic Numbers and the Sweet Owls Wall Clock (above). The wooden numbers were a hit before I even finished getting them out of the package! Each set holds 40 numbers or symbols: 3 of each number from zero through nine, 3 plus or times signs, four dashes, and three dots (so you make your own division sign!) The set is suggested for ages 3 and up because of the small pieces but I just removed the dots & the dashes for now and the rest of the numbers aren’t of an edible size (trust me – she’s tried!) As much as I love the product I adore the packaging too – the magnets come in a resealable “milk carton” style container which is great for storage & gift giving. And they come with “green” credentials too – the magnetic pieces are made of 80% recycled wood, the package contains 85% recycled paper and they’re printed with nontoxic inks. They retail for $18*.

The Sweet Owl Wall Clock is one of six available clock designs (others include a robot, a monkey, a pirate, butterflies & the Very Hungry Caterpillar). They’re made from fiberboard, come ready to hang and measure nine and a half inches in diameter. They do need one AA battery which is not included but I’ve discovered that being a parent means you always have batteries on hand. The clocks are also printed with nontoxic inks and are phthalate free. Now they are fiberboard so they probably aren’t going to be heirloom pieces that get passed on from generation to generation but they are charming & will add to any child’s room. Oh and the best part? They sell for $20 so they’re an affordable room accessory and make a perfect gift.

I highly recommend checking out their website, especially the (very long) list of award winning products – I’m sure you’ll like what you find!

Galison Mudpuppy is generously giving away each of the items they sent me – the Painter’s Pallet Wooden Magnetic Numbers and the Sweet Owls Wall Clock, one item each to TWO lucky readers.

PLUS Galison Mudpuppy are giving ALL our readers the chance to save 15% on purchases made from their on-line store – all you have to do is enter coupon code ZZZ2 at checkout. This is a great chance to stock up on perfect birthday presents for all the kids on your list!

To Enter the contest: Go to Mudpuppy’s website and then leave us a comment HERE (one per day only, please) telling us which of their products you love the most. Once you’ve entered by leaving this mandatory comment, you can gain additional entries like this:

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  • If you ‘Like’ GalisonMudpuppy on Facebook, leave us a comment letting us know for one extra entry. If you visit their page be sure to let them know Spilt Milk Moms set you!
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This giveaway ends at 12:01am PST on Saturday, March 5th, and the winners will be selected using  The winners will have 7 days to respond to our notification email before other winners are selected.  This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian residents.

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