Tree of Love – Metal Art from the Heart

Looking for a unique way of expressing your love?  Feast your eyes on this beautiful Tree of Love metal sculpture by Anvil Island Design of Nanaimo, Canada.


I almost never write about things which I do not own or receive, but I’m going to admit that I do not have a Tree of Love hanging on the wall in my dining room (that’s the spot I have picked out).  However, I came to know about Tree of Love from my co-worker, who bought one at a local fair a few years ago and showed me pictures of it hanging in his house (thanks Paul!).  We’re in the middle of saving for ours, so I figure it’s safe to share with you, dear readers, despite not having my hands on one at the moment.

Tree of Love metal sculptures are created by artist Jack Willoughby and are modeled after Japanese maple trees.  This is what the Anvil Island Design website says about this tree: “Usually the focal point in a garden, the Japanese Maple is loved for its elegant, delicate foliage and bright vibrant fall colour. In legend and lore the tree is also thought to tie humanity to the soul of earth and create connectivity with man to nature. Often the central tree in a bonsai garden, the pruning and care of a bonsai Japanese Maple was said to inspire harmony and creativity and evoke a sense of tranquility and peace.“  Mr. Willoughby takes his version of the Japanese Maple a step further by adding the custom carving of initials and/or dates to help people celebrate their love or a special occasion (as pictured above and below).

Purchasing your Tree of Love is a completely personalized experience and there are a variety of options available to select from in the creation of this unique piece of art.  This metal sculpture is available in only one size, 16 ¾ inches high x 35 ¼ inches wide (42.5 cm high x 89.5 cm wide), but you select both the style and finish.  There are two styles – wall mounted (so it can be hung on a wall), or table standing (which comes with a base so it can be placed onto a window sill or bookcase).  Finishes include steel, matte black, or bronze.  You can then decide whether or not you want to add up to two sets of initials and a date (which appears as Month/Day/Year, with the month abbreviated to the first three letters).

Each customized Tree of Love costs $195 CDN plus shipping and handling ($28 for Canadian orders, $39 for US orders – international orders will receive quotes prior to processing) and can be ordered through the Anvil Island Design website.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anvil Island Design is generously offering the readers of Spilt Milk Moms a 15% discount on Tree of Love orders!  To use this promotional code, please contact Anvil Island Design directly (do not use the online order form) by phone or by email referencing Spilt Milk Moms to place your order.  Thanks Jack and Anvil Island Design!

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