Our Top Valentine’s Day Ideas

HeartsStuck on what to do or get for your special Valentine next week?  We’re sharing our ideas with you!

1.  Write a love letter. So simply, so cheap, and so … meaningful.  Really, when was the last time you sat down and penned a love letter to your special someone?  And I don’t mean Tweeted about your love, or texted him or her ….  Why not put some time into making or buying a a beautiful card and then telling your Valentine about how you really feel – Shakespeare style!

Say-Anything2.  Pull a John Cusak from Say Anything. Okay, maybe don’t go as far as holding your iPOD over your head in front of your loved one’s house.  But honestly, is there anything better than getting a really good mixed tape/iTunes collection (besides a love letter)?  I still have a special mixed tape from my university years that I cherish to this day, and if you get it right this gift may keep giving and giving and giving.

3.  One word – CHOCOLATE. And not the cheap stuff either … go buy a really quality box of chocolate for your love (maybe even one packaged in those heart shaped boxes).  Not only will the chocolate be thoroughly enjoyed, but there may even be some sharing!  You’re probably thinking, “You had me at chocolate,” so enough said.

4.  Breakfast in bed. Okay, I take back the “in bed” part, but only because I’m a bit of a neat freak and am certainly not interested in getting my beautiful Margaret Muir sheets dirty.  But I’ll definitely take breakfast made for me, especially if it includes pancakes in the shapes of hearts with strawberries on top.  Sweet!

5.  Roses. Who doesn’t love flowers?  Although I’m feeling pretty certain that anyone peddling flowers around Valentine’s day is likely to gouge you for the purchase of a measly dozen roses, splurging just this once is definitely a way of saying “I love you.”

6.  Tree of Love. Read our review about Anvil Island Design’s Tree of Love on Thursday!  You will love this unique and totally personalized gift.

We want to hear from you.  What will you be doing for your special Valentine next week?

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