An ALBUM for the Future


This year for Christmas I really wanted a digital photo frame. I have so many digital photos on my computer and it makes me sad to never see them (and they don’t seem to print quite right the few times I’ve tried). My (hopefully) brother-in-law-to-be drew my name this year and I have to admit that he hit it out of the park with his present  – an ALBUM. Now this isn’t just any album, this is a portable digital photo gallery  – basically a digital photo book that fits in your purse!

I (erroneously) expected the ALBUM to be a bit gimmicky or low res, but it’s completely the opposite. The photo resolution is AMAZING and the just over 5″ x 7″ size is perfect. You can download photos from any digital camera, memory card, flash drive, other ALBUMs or through a computer. And the kicker? It holds 40,000 photos. (I can’t get the image in my head of a little old lady showing me photos of her grandkids on a plane and then pulling out the ALBUM and showing her my 40,000 photos – hahaha!)

The European design is obvious in how easily the ALBUM changes from photo album to photo frame. and I love how the thick real leather cover protects the screen (while looking cool).

The other night my husband mentioned how wonderful it was to look up from the couch to see photos from our wedding, travels together and Little Miss as she grows up. These photos each represent a fantastic memory and it would be so hard to choose just one to look at – with the album I don’t have to, even on-the-go!

The ALBUM by ALBUMteam sells for around $150 USD and is available from or these local stockists.

All about: Emily:
Emily is very proud to be one of the Spilt Milk Moms ‘founding mothers’ as well as being Mama to “Little Miss” (who was born in August 2009) and Wifelet to her Husbando. She spent seven years living in London which helped her to develop a keen eye for amazing products from around the world. As an actress and producer, Emily ensured her place in hell with over 3 years in children’s advertising (her job was “to create want where there is no need!”) but looks to undo the damage by finding the best things around for mamas and little ones. Emily is always ready with fresh baking, a silly song, or a glass of chardonnay and is renowned for always being overdressed and having a killer collection of heels that she’s not afraid to wear (even whilst babywearing!). You can also find her on her personal blog Aprons & Heels ~ emily (at) SpiltMilkMoms (dot) com

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