RoomMates Build a Christmas Tree Decal to the Rescue!

christmas treeI am a huge fan of the Holiday season, but recently I’ve come to a sad realization. The thought of trying to keep my 17-month-old toddler from destroying the Christmas tree is more than I can handle. We just don’t have a place in our home where we can place it out of his reach, and since his normal reaction to us saying “no, don’t touch that” is to touch whatever THAT is then laugh in our faces, I had to come up with another decorating solution. Enter, the Build A Christmas Tree Wall Decal set by RoomMates Peel & Stick Décor!

You may remember my previous post on RoomMates’ fantastic Jungle Adventure wall decal’s for my son’s room (still going strong by the way!) so when they offered to help me solve my Holiday dilemma I was ever so grateful. RoomMates sent me their Build A Christmas Tree Wall Decal set as well as their Let it Snow Wall Stickers set and it was the perfect solution.

Easily applied to my painted walls (removable, repositionable, and reusable too!) I was able to transform the wall behind my sofa into a Holiday treat! Applying the decals was easy; it took all of 10 minutes to get the tree up on the wall. The only thing holding me back was my son getting under my feet while I tried to stand on the fluffy sofa! Two things I noticed while applying (and reapplying) the ornament decals though, first, the ones with thin cut-out sections are quite delicate and need to be carefully peeled off if you don’t want them to tear, and second, solo ornaments placed on the tree blended into the dark green background too much. I ended up putting most of them on the outer branches of the tree instead.

My husband (who sometimes gives my decorating ideas the side-eye) insists that he’s going to put the tree up this year if he has to staple-gun it to the ceiling. Since I don’t see that happening, I’m glad that I have the Build A Christmas Tree Wall Decal set to help us out. My son can grab at this tree all he wants and everything will stay in place. I love it!  All I need now is to add some blinky lights to my living room and the festive spirit will fill my home from now until the holiday season is over.

The Build A Christmas Tree Wall Decal set sells for $35.49 US and the Let it Snow Wall Stickers set sells for $13.49US. RoomMateshas a wide range of seasonal wall décor sets for whatever your Holiday traditions require.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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