A Holly, Jolly, Glittery Holiday Season

There’s something about glitter that makes me happy. It’s so shiny and bright, I can’t help but feel better when I look at it. This year instead of looking around for holiday decorations that were pre-sparkled in a colour I liked, I decided to add glitter to items I already owned.  It is super easy to add glitter to anything you like. Go wild and be creative!

You will need:

  • 1 can of spray adhesive
  • Finely ground glitter (found in the scrapbook or stamp supply stores)
  • Ziploc bags that are large enough to hold the items being glittered
  • Latex gloves (this is optional, however I didn’t use gloves and I still have glitter and glue on my fingers after four vigorous hand washing sessions)
  • Large cardboard box to contain over-spray (alternately you could go outside to spray your items)
  • Items to make all sparkly (Suggestions: Candles, Votive Holders, Pine Cones, Plastic Toys, Christmas Ornaments, Nuts, Picture Frames, and on and on)
  • Spray varnish (This will keep the glitter from falling off over time, however ONLY use spray varnish on items that will not be near an open flame – aka Do Not Use Spray Varnish on Candles.)
  1. Pour glitter into a Ziploc bag large enough to hold what you will be adding glitter to.
  2. Put on gloves, if using.
  3. Using the cardboard box to catch any over-spray of the spray adhesive, apply a light, even coat to your item.
  4. Quickly place the item into the glitter-filled Ziploc bag and coat your item liberally with glitter. The wetter the glue is, the better.
  5. Place item on a sheet of paper to dry. Leave the item for at least an hour to let the glue set. Note: A little bit of glitter will still fall off with use, unless you spray the item with spray varnish.
  6. Coat item with spray varnish if using, and let item dry overnight before using. (Repeat: Do not use spray varnish on items that will be used near an open flame.)

Enjoy your sparkly holiday!

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