Nosefrida – a Snot Sucking SUPERSTAR!

Nosefrida-infoIf the only kind of nasal aspirator you are familiar with is the type sold at your local drugstore, now is the time to THROW THAT CRAPPY NASAL ASPIRATOR OUT!  I’m about to introduce you to a TRUE snot sucking superstar thanks to the recommendation of one of our Spilt Milk Moms readers (thanks Diana!).

I’m talking about the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator, also known as ‘the snotsucker’.  The Nosefrida will leave you feeling that not only was your old nasal aspirator ineffective and unsafe, but also unhygienic.  Ironically though, you might get an unfounded dirty feeling when reading the instructions on how to use the Nosefrida (but that will all change once you’ve tried it out for yourself):

Put the red piece in your mouth, and the blue tube against baby’s nostril (not inside).  The tip of the tube should form a seal with your baby’s nostril.  Apply SUCTION.  You will be able to hear and see the mucous coming out of the nose – gross, but gratifying.

Nosefrida was kind enough to send me their nasal aspirator to try out, but of course it arrived in the mail a few days after both of my kids got over their first colds of the season.  I couldn’t wait for my kids to catch their next colds just so I could try out the Nosefrida on them – that’s how intrigued I was by this product, and it did not disappoint.  Two days ago, Charlotte (13 months) and Oliver (three) both came down with runny noses.  Charlotte’s was so bad that it caused her some discomfort and caused her to wake up during the night crying.  Out came the Nosefrida and out came massive amounts of snot from my poor baby!  I still can’t believe how effective this nasal aspirator is, and since then I’ve used it on my son and have been singing it’s praises to anyone who will listen (including you, Spilt Milk Moms readers!).  Until I used this snot sucker, I had no idea just how terrible my old nasal aspirator really was – I just knew that it wasn’t very effective and that inevitably my baby would fight the aspiration and get a bloody nose because of the hard plastic tip up his/her nose.

The Nosefrida is made in Sweden, was invented by Specialists and Pediatricians, and has been used effectively in Europe for several decades.  It forms a seal when placed at the base of the baby’s nose, which means that sensitive nasal tissue isn’t poked resulting in injury during aspiration.  There is no risk of bacterial transfer to the person responsible for snot sucking because the base of the plastic nasal nozzle is fitted with a disposable filter.  The Nosefrida is BPA and Phthalate free, easy to clean (I rinse mine out with hot water but to disinfect it I put it in the dishwasher – top rack).  I like that it is non-invasive and that I control the amount of suction applied, but the bottom line is that I love it because it actually works.  After aspirating using the Nosefrida, neither of my children require suctioning for several hours because their nasal cavities have been effectively cleaned out the first time.

If you still have questions about the Nosefrida, have a look at their FAQ page which also includes two informative videos.  The Nosefridaretails for $15 USD through the company’s website and replacement Snot Blockers (the barrier filters, in sets of 20) cost $3 USD.  This excellent product can also be purchased at these local retailers, as well as online through Babies R Us, Walmart, and others.

Find out for yourself how great this product is – Nosefrida has generously provided us with a discount code for our readers.  Simply use promo code spiltmilk through the company’s website when ordering for 10% off of your purchase!  Happy super snot sucking!

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