Get Your Life Buttoned Up with Handy Life.doc!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to be organized. But as organized as I am, my husband has no idea what any of our important information is or where I keep it. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that I keep a lot of this information in my head! I guess like most families, we always figured that if at least one of us was keeping track of things, then the info would be there when we needed it. But where is “there” exactly? My computer, my cell phone, buried in a pile of papers in a file under the desk somewhere? For us the answer was yes to all of the above. Now, our answer is a big YES thanks to the Life.Doc Kit from the good people at Get Buttoned Up.

The Life.doc kit is a handy binder that is designed to hold all of your family’s important information. Divided into section including “ Emergency Plan”, “Family Basics”, In Sickness & In Health”, “Insurance”, “Dollars & Sense”, “Legal Ease”, “Caregiver Information” and “Home Sweet Home”, this binder has a place for all the important details of your family’s life so that in the event that something should go wrong, the information to set things straight again is close at hand. There are even some handy give-away cards for you to give to a trusted friend or family member telling them about your Life.doc kit and where you have stored it just in case you need someone else to access the information in your absence. What I love about this kit is that all the information I have about my family is now in a very handy place for my husband to access if I’m not there to help him out.

The Life.doc kit also comes with a cd-rom that has templates for you to type in your information, which can be printed directly onto the provided worksheets. I also love that as a 3-ring binder I can add my own pages to the kit to customize it even further, and that each of the tabs is also a little pocket folder which can hold non-standard sized flat items such as documents that you wouldn’t normally want to put a hole-punch through (my wedding certificate for example!).

All in all, once everything is filled out, this bright red binder is easy to use and easy to spot on the shelf in an emergency for quick access. I love this binder and will be using it for many years to come!

A big thank you to Get Buttoned Up for donating a copy of this binder to me for this review. You can get your own copy of the Life.doc kitthrough various retailers online for about $29.95 USD. Get Buttoned Up also has other great family organization kits including the Collision Kit, the Medical.doc kit, and the Valuables.doc kit. Get your family organized today with these handy and easy to use kits!

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