Kangaroom Wally Wall Organizer

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not, but last month we moved our family from an insanely spacious 3000 sq/ft house to a “make the best of it” 900 sq/ft apartment. It hasn’t been an easy transition and for a while it looked like we were living in a furniture warehouse. So in order to try and make the most of the space we have, I decided to become the Queen of storage solutions. I have absolutely fallen in love with theKangaroom Wally Wall Organizer and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

We have next to no wall space or hallways in the new place, so I knew I needed to utilize the lesser used spaces, like behind doors or on closets, and the best thing for me about the Wally organizer is that it comes with little metal hooks which allow you to hook it over the door (it also comes with wall attachments if that’s easier for you). It has 12 pockets of varying sizes, including five transparent sleeves that are great for photos (or keys), two media pockets that have little slots in the back so you can thread your chargers through, one marked for pens or pencils, and a half-moon shaped one at the top which holds more than it looks like it can. The Kangaroom Wally Wall Organizer also has a magnetic white board, complete with a pen attachment. Seriously – this thing is AWESOME!

The possibilities are endless with Wally – it would make a great diaper station and would be fantastic for keeping sewing or crafting supplies in. Kangaroom also make Corky Wall Organizer, a half size organizer great for the office cubicle or other small spaces.

My only (minor) complaint is that the over the door hooks don’t fit on an exterior door, so Husbando had to play around with them to make them fit our front door (which is where it saves our lives everyday by keeping our keys, phones and sunglasses in the same place.)

The Kangaroom Wally Organizer is  24″wide  x 60″ long (Corky is 24″ wide x 30″ long) , is available in green, pink, and navy, and retails for $39.99 USD (Corky costs $34.99 USD) directly from Kangaroom.

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