Momzelle Nursing Tops For Stylish Moms

nursing-top-dandelion-c24It can be very tricky finding the right clothes to wear once your baby is born; you’re not feeling your most beautiful and you require functionality and privacy for the times you are nursing in the company of others.   I would pull the necks down of all the shirts in the stores to see which was elastic-y enough to accommodate breastfeeding, but that proved to be a rather ineffective and time-consuming method for finding nursing clothes.  Finally I was lucky enough to receive a nursing top from Momzelle – and how I wished I had this top from the beginning!

Momzelle makes a full line of maternity clothes, ranging from tank-tops to t-shirts, hoodies and even nursing nightdresses.  The company was founded by a Canadian mom who couldn’t quite find the right clothes for nursing her baby, and thus this attractive nursingware was born.  Most of the nursing tops work by having a panel of material at the top which stays in place while a panel underneath slides down for nursing.  Thus you get maximum coverage (no pancake tummy exposed).    I chose the criss-cross t-shirt, which to me looks slightly less obviously like a nursing shirt than the others (though now I am coveting the hoodie…).  The sizing is perfect – a close-fitting shirt with enough length to feel sufficiently decent (yet doesn’t form a tube on my hips like other long tops tend to do).  The material is soft and very comfortable.  And most importantly, it is easy and quick to get that boob out when the little one needs it!

Most of the tops are offered in a few colour selections and range in price (averaging about $50CAD).  They can be purchased directly from the website or in retail stores.

Momzelle has been kind enough to offer our readers a $5 discount for items purchased from their website! Just enter the code ‘spiltmilkmoms’ in the coupon code box at checkout and there’s free shipping for orders over $79.  Thanks Momzelle!

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