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kidsLike it or not, cold and flu season is around the corner.  With the kids in daycare and school well under way, I’m preparing myself for the onslaught of illness that is inevitably headed my family’s way thanks to our mini germ collectors and spreaders.  This year, though, I’m combating cold and flu season the natural way with Homeocan’s Kids 0-9 line of natural homeopathic products for children.

Canadian company Homeocan was kind enough to send me several samples in their Kids 0-9 line, including their Cough & Cold Syrup,Allergies Oral Solution, Homeocoksinum Flu Buster Solution, and their Teething Oral Solution.  The company also makes a Pain and Fever Oral Solution, Calm Syrup, Colic Oral Solution, and an Earache Oral Solution – all for kids aged zero to nine.

The day we received the samples, Oliver was on week two of a worsening cough and we were about to schedule a doctor’s appointment for him.  I began administering the Cough & Cold Syrup as directed, and in combination with a humidifier in his room at night Oliver’s cough was gone within three days.  The taste was pleasant (I tested it myself) and not sugary sweet like other brands on the market.  Oliver was a big fan and kept asking for more medicine even after his cough was gone!

We also had the opportunity to try out Homecan’s Allergies Oral Solution.  After spending two days on the farm with his Oma, Oliver reacted to his regular triggers – grass, animal dander, trees, dust, and the change in his usual diet.  One day of administering 15 drops every four hours from the handy dropper provided with the package and Oliver was no longer puffy or covered in small bumps.

Homeocan’s Kids 0-9 homeopathic remedies are a great natural alternative to other medicines on the market for minor problems like coughs & colds, teething, allergies, etc.  One of my favourite things about this product line is that all of these remedies are dye and sugar free.  As I mentioned, they taste pleasant but aren’t swimming in sugar to make the medicine go down.  I also really appreciate that the company lists the ingredients on the outside of each box with the purpose for each right next to it.  For example, the Teething Oral Solution lists its first ingredient as Chamomilla 5C (German Chamomile).  The purpose?  Gum pain, restlessness, irritability, and agitation.  I like to question the necessity of products my kids ingest, so I really appreciate this information.

My youngest, Charlotte, just turned one and has yet to break a single tooth.  Although she has no teeth, I can tell that her little gums are finally beginning to bother her now, and so we’re going to be trying out Homeocan’s Teething Oral Solution next.  If it works as well as their Cough & Cold Syrup and Allergies Oral Solutions, I know we’ll be able to manage her pain in a natural and effective way.

Purchase Homeocan’s Kids 0-9 line at these retailers in Canada for around $10.95 each.  Live in the USA?  Purchase this line of homeopathic remedies from Homeolab USA under the name Kids Relief from these retailers starting at $9.99 USD.

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